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Jas The Philo

I officially go by ‘philo’. pronounced /fai-loe/ (fy-loe). My photography brand is called philo.optics. I’m a 28 year old photographer, singer, songwriter and it's important that I tell stories and tell the truth. When I think about storytelling and truth telling, I feel that perspective is paramount. The same is true for photography. Perspective informs angles, or my way of seeing a subject. What i call myself - philo - is important to me. Philo means ‘loving one’, or ‘beloved’. It is my vision that I’m a light of love shining in all things in which I am involved. Love is my lens and angle (perspective) I choose to view life and people through. In my music and songwriting love is the story I tell. Ultimately, Calling myself philo is a way of life and a promise to always tell the truth and always speak my truth.


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