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Ever wonder whether you should speak up for yourself? Fear to speak on your truth is common for the current society we live in. Don’t allow fear of judgement and rejection by others be your reason to keep silent. Speaking up for yourself will help build your confidence and push your own opinions and truth. Don’t allow your silence to be mistaken for compliance.We all have different views, opinions and insights from one another. The truth is: not everyone is going to agree with your opinion and some people can’t accepts that. The importance of standing for your truth gives others the ability to stand up for themselves, as well. It is time to share your ideas and inspire others to feel safe enough to voice their own.

Speaking up for yourself goes beyond declaring your stance, its the igniting of your flame. It is the vibration in the silence. When you don’t speak up, your silence encourages the compliance with views you may not agree with. It is time to aggravate comfortability. Your voice matters!


As you find yourself in situations questioning your silence, Speak Up! There is a chance something positive will come from your vibration. You will feel more confident, feel heard and show people that you are not just complying.


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